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With nineteen five star reviews on Amazon so far, my novel The Custom of the Trade is clearly popular. It is also performing well in the US. Don't take my word for it though. The following is an extract of eight readers' comments.

“This is a masterpiece of authorship.”

“The plot raced along at a cracking pace, never allowing the reader to become bored and it held my attention right up to the end.”

“…you feel a warmth for the crew as they engage with the enemy as well as a sense of loss and sadness.”

“… Every chapter is an eventful episode, pacily written and never predictable, which makes The Custom of the Trade quite a page-turner.”

“…As an avid reader of historical fiction from Bernard Cornwell I enjoyed the entwining of fictional characters with the real life historical events portrayed.”

“…Lewis threads the technical know-how into the the plot in such a clever way, you are informed without feeling bombarded. The characterisation is good with real depth so that you really care what happens to them. This page-turner leads to a cracking denouement with an obvious set-up for the next instalment.”

“…I strongly recommend a read of this book that may well be developed into a TV or Film that should appeal to a greater potential audience.”

“… the author is particularly good at conveying the atmosphere in a submarine when things are going wrong and it makes one appreciate how brave the early submariners were.”

Royal Navy Victoria Cross WW1

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