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My fifth novel is complete

At last, I am pleased to announce that my fifth novel is complete and in the hands of potential agents with a view to publication. This novel, provisionally titled They Have No Graves as Yet from a poem by G K Chesterton, is a change of direction for me in that it is set in WW2. I have written it to honour the cool courage of the many Rendering Mines Safe (RMS) officers of the Royal Navy who day-in and day-out risked their lives or severe injury to tackle Hitler's magnetic mines.

These mines were initially dropped in estuaries or harbour mouths to cripple Britain's imports. They were so successful that in late 1939, Britain was only six weeks from surrender. However, thanks to a mistake, the courage of two RMS teams and the ingenuity of Britain's scientists, the secrets were learned and counter measure developed. The Germans later used the mines over cities as a terror weapon.

As always, I have based my tale on true historical facts. In this case, my story features the actions of several RMS officers, but in particular the RNVR's John Bridge, GC, GM and Bar, and the RANVR's Hugh Syme, GC, GM and Bar, and John Mould, GC, GM. I have been fortunate to have read several biographies and to have the advice of two experts in diving and mine clearance.

I will update this blog when I have news of success concerning publication. In the meantime, I will be working on the publication of a fourth novel in my WW1 series.

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