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My books have arrived

This afternoon I saw the printed version of my book for the first time. It was a little weird to hold it and see my name on the cover. I'm tempted to read it, but I have to keep on with finishing the next book.

I have been very pleased to receive so much positive feedback on the e-book. To date it has received five five star reviews on Amazon. I have also received emails and Facebook messages praising it. One of my favourites is from a lovely

The Custom of the Trade

retired engineer commander with whom I served thirty-five years ago.

'I read the book on my Kindle and thought it a perfect mix of history and fiction which brought the atmosphere of the times and the hardships of life in a submarine to life. Many years ago I read an account of the submarine war in the Sea of Marmara, it may have been the one you recommend in your Note, but it was a poor page-turner compared with yours.'

I am trying hard to avoid vanity. I did not write this book with the aim of becoming rich or famous. I merely want to highlight the courage our forebears showed in overcoming adversity to operate the early submarines and gain the vote for women. My publisher tells me that the e-book was downloaded over a thousand times last week. If everyone reads the download, that is several more people who will be aware of the tale I tell in, 'The Custom of the Trade'.

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