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My Third Novel - The Wings of the Wind

I am delighted to announce that I have just submitted my third novel to my publisher. Part of my For Those in Peril series, this story tells the story of the early days of naval aviation, the early actions of the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) and the activities of the RNAS Armoured Car Squadron and Royal Naval Division.

Paul Miller is the third son of William Miller VC, a director of the navy's Intelligence Department who features in both the previous novels. An irresponsible, womanising, prankster, forever in debt, Paul's wayward ways continually bring him into conflict with his father's high moral standards. He is recruited into the RNAS by Wing Commander Charles Samson, one of the navy's pioneering aviators. Just as WW1 breaks out, Paul is still grounded from an earlier flying accident, but he is offered a chance to go to France as a member of Samson’s hastily formed RNAS Armoured Car Squadron. The cars are quickly in action against German cavalry and cyclists ravaging the Belgian and Northern French countryside. There and over Germany, his life and death exploits, on the ground and in the air, set him on the path to reform, but is it a path he will follow in earnest?

Avro 504

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