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An honest and independent review of my work

I was most pleasantly surprised to read in a recent newsletter that somebody had not only gone to the trouble of buying and reading my books, but then gone on to publish a review of the books for their members. For a completely independent critique of my work, you may find the full review of interest. Between them, the three books have been rated 5* by well over 100 readers on Amazon and Goodreads in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and even France. I hope this testimonial will encourage you to try them wherever you may be locked down.

"Shaun spent twenty years in the Royal Navy serving on submarines. After working for Goldman Sachs he ran his own business for seventeen years and is now an accomplished author with a detailed knolwedge of naval history in the early 20th century. Shaun’s Trilogy entitled ‘For those in Peril’ features three brothers of the Miller family and starts with “The Custom of the Trade” set in the years building up to the First World War. The family own a shipyard supplying the Navy with ships and submarines and the story reflects both the campaign for womens votes and the excitement of life under the surface. This first novel sets the standard for the series in terms of rich historical detail and impeccable research all woven into a fascinating family setting.

In the second book in the series, “Now the Darkness Gathers” a young Peter Miller is unfit for naval service but keen not to disappoint his illustrious father, joins the Secret Service Bureau and we follow his adventures with the start of war looming. We again learn detail of the family background and are left wanting more.

Happily the third book “The Wings of the Wind” does not disappoint as we finally join the war through the story of a young Naval Aviator. The book covers scenes of the early build up to flying in France and the development of armoured vehicles as used by the Royal Naval Division in the early stagesof the defence of Belgium. A well woven tale with delightfully detailed cameos of life and love in the turbulence of war. The novels are easily read as standalone stories but are best appreciated as a complete trilogy as increasing detail is revealed about the Miller family through numerous twists and turns. A delightful read. “The Custom of the Trade” “Now the Darkness Gathers” “The Wings of the Wind”"

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