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My third novel quickly proves a hit

Last week, my third WW1 naval thriller, The Wings of the Wind, was published by Endeavour Media as an e-book and the paperback was brought out just before Christmas. I am pleased that sales to date have been encouraging, but better still, the five star reviews are rolling in. This is the latest.

"Whiffs of cordite and aviation fuel to keep you reading!

"Having thoroughly enjoyed Shaun Lewis' previous novel about submarine warfare, I found The Wings of the Wind particularly fascinating as I hadn't been aware that it was the Royal Naval Air Service that established the first British armoured car squadron. So the story spins from pacy action on the land to demanding missions in primitive bombers, requiring true flying skills which adds tension and realism, whilst also bringing to life credible yet vulnerable characters. Throw in a bit of love and it makes you want to know that all will be well in the end as you dash through the pages."

It means that all three of my novels have achieved five star status in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and even France. I might not be a household name, but it does encourage me to hurry up and bring out the fourth, The Baltic Ice is Thin. Watch this space.

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