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Publication Day

At last my latest novel They Have No Graves as Yet has been published, although for now it is only available via Amazon. It is an explosive and nail-biting thriller about the cool courage of the men of the Royal Navy's mine disposal units during WW2. It has been well-received by readers who received a copy in advance of publication. One even stayed up all night to read it. It has been described as "unputdownable", "excellent and hugely entertaining", "a page turner" and "compelling".

Based on true stories and featuring real characters, it was inspired by the exploits of three of the most highly decorated men in Britain and Australia, namely John Bridge GC GM & Bar, Hugh Syme GC GM & Bar and John Mould GC GM. I hope that readers will not only find it a fascinating and gripping thriller, but be left overwhelmed by the cool, calm, collected courage of the men of the Royal Navy's Rendering Mines Safe units. The residents of such cities as London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Belfast, Glasgow, Liverpool and Plymouth had much for which to thank them during WW2.

They were true heroes and it is a shame that they are now largely forgotten. Of course, their successors still carry on this brave work today.

This was a story I just had to write. I have learned so much in the process and come away marvelling at not just the courage, but the modesty of these brave men. I hope I have done them sufficient honour and am proud to have written this book.

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