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We will remember them

On this emotive day, let's not forget the many servicemen who died by hand of the enemy, but not in action. I am thinking in particular of those who carried out bomb disposal duties in all three services. For these men there was no prospect of a Victoria Cross as they never faced the enemy and yet they sometimes faced almost certain death by machines manufactured by the enemy with the intent of killing them. This is one of the reasons King George VI introduced the George Cross and George Medal. Interestingly, men of the Royal Navy earned as many of these prestigious awards as of the other two services combined.

In my latest novel, I honour the brave men of the mine disposal units. It is historically accurate, but an easy read to introduce real history to those who like a gripping thriller. Through it readers will learn that as the units' skills, knowledge and successes increased, the Germans began a deliberate campaign to target the servicemen and scientists battling their wits against those of the enemy. So far, it has received nine five-star ratings and reviews. I am proud to have written it.

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